Hi, I'm Sabrina - and I am here to help you with the overwhelm and get you sleeping again.

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed because your little one is battling you at bedtime, waking up frequently overnight or just won't nap? I have been there and know what a toll it can take on your mental and physical health and relationship with your family. 

And I am here to help you and your family sleep again. I can help you transform from an exhausted, sleep-deprived, and anxious mother to a well-rested and more patient mother. 








I'm an internationally certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultant and mum of a very active toddler. I have helped many families to reclaim their bedrooms and save their marriages. I am based in Sydney, Australia but have remote sleep packages available. 

I offer different packages to suit you and your family's needs. No matter which package you choose,  you will get my help and advice 1 on 1, and I will support you through the process of teaching your little one to sleep. 

Home Support Package

Virtual Home Support Package

Phone Support Package

Email Support Package


Here's how I can help

What can you expect from working with me? 

  • The knowledge to tackle your child's sleep issue resulting in more rest for the whole family

  • Confidence in knowing how much sleep your little one should be getting and how to deal with any sleep regressions to come

  • Evidence-based, personalised sleep plan including advice on feeding, napping, sleep environment, bedtime, and more

  • Contingency plan when naps go wrong

  • Empathetic 1-1 support throughout the sleep teaching process 

  • Range of different sleep settling methods from gentle in the room-methods to out of the room methods. The choice is yours

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