Sleeping Newborn

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Where do I start? I’m so grateful that I had Sabrina guide me to sleep train my little boy Luke. At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed and anxious but was willing to try anything to help me get him to sleep well so the whole family could sleep. Since the first day he has slept through the entire night, every single night! Gobsmacked! Sabrina did a very thorough sleep assessment and sent through a routine to follow which I still follow. She always answered my emails promptly and gave me lots of feedback and advice. Sabrina encouraged and supported me throughout the 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, Sabrina gave me a follow-on-plan and gave me advice about altering the sleep routine when I needed too. It’s great knowing that Luke will have his 2 sleeps and he will go down easily at night. It makes everything less stressful and it’s worth the hard few nights in the beginning. My husband is blown away too and we are still amazed to this day that Luke sleeps so well! Thank you again, Sabrina, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Grace Fraser

Sleeping Newborn

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed because your little one is battling you at bedtime, waking up frequently overnight or just won't nap?


I have been there and know what a toll it can take on your mental and physical health and relationship with your family. 

What to expect

What can you expect from working with me? 

  • The knowledge to tackle your child's sleep issue resulting in more rest for the whole family

  • Confidence in knowing how much sleep your little one should be getting and how to deal with any sleep regressions to come

  • Evidence-based, personalised sleep plan including advice on feeding, napping, sleep environment, bedtime, and more

  • Contingency plan when naps go wrong

  • Empathetic 1-1 support throughout the sleep teaching process 

  • Range of different sleep settling methods from gentle in the room-methods to out of the room methods. The choice is yours

 about me

As a mum, I know the sleepless nights all too well as my own little girl kept me up many nights. She inspired me to become a baby sleep consultant and learn everything there is to know about baby’s sleep and how to support parents through the sleep teaching process. I can provide you and your family with personalised sleep assessments tailored to your child’s temperament and parenting style and support and guide you through the process of teaching your little one to sleep. All my advice is evidence-based and tailored to fit your family's circumstances. Great sleep is so important and I believe every baby has the potential to be an amazing sleeper - get in touch today to start your journey to better sleep.