About Me

I am Sabrina, founder of Koala Dreaming and busy mum of a very active toddler. I know how important sleep is and how hard it can be when your child does not sleep well. When my little girl was first born I was not coping well and the sleep deprivation was really getting to me. We tried everything to get her to sleep and would spend hours and hours walking, rocking, and feeding her to sleep. Our little girl would cry for hours on end and we didn’t know what to do. I had read all the books about sleep but we still struggled with frequent night wakings and cat naps, during the day. We decided enough was enough and embarked on our sleep training journey and we have not looked back since. Our little girl is so much happier now and sleeps like a champion. 


I decided to become certified as a sleep consultant to help other families, struggling with their little one’s sleep. I always had a passion for helping others and was finally able to make a career out of my passion. I provide holistic sleep assessments and I am able to guide you through the process of teaching your little one great sleep. All my assessments are personalised to fit your child’s temperament and your parenting philosophy. 


To find out more contact me today for a free 15 min chat and take the first step towards better sleep for the whole family.