Hi, I’m Sabrina Australia's leading baby sleep consultant for mothers who struggle with their little one’s sleep.


I have been there with my own daughter and know how truly exhausting the early years of motherhood can be. Let me become part of your village and help you get the rest you desperately need and deserve.  


I have an amazing daughter (Alina) who is the inspiration and drive behind Koala Dreaming. When she was first born, I was not coping well and the sleep-deprivation was getting to me. One day I decided enough is enough and I embarked on my journey to becoming a certified baby sleep consultant. I was able to apply everything I learned to my daughter and she soon started sleeping through the night. 

I was born and raised in Switzerland and migrated to Australia 11 years ago where I met my Peruvian husband. I forever believe that Swiss chocolate and cheese are the best and will die on  this hill.

Why choose me as your baby sleep consultant?

What you see is what you get. I know that my approach to teaching your little one to sleep works as long as you are willing to put in the work.


I am not a baby whisperer and I cannot wave a magic wand and make your sleep problems go away. What I can give you is the tools and knowledge to tackle your little one’s sleep issue coupled with my 1 on 1 support. I will be your cheerleader and keep you going until we reach YOUR sleep goals. 

I will never suggest anything that you’re not comfortable with and will support you no matter what sleep teaching method you choose. Whether that is a more gentle in the room approach or an out - of the room method, allowing your little one a little more space. 

My mission 

It is my mission to ensure mothers know that help is out there and that they don’t need to struggle through the early years completely sleep-deprived. I want to help as many mother's as possible to go from anxious, exhausted and sleep-deprived to well-rested and confident mothers.

Benefits of working with me

  • Gain the knowledge to tackle your child’s sleep issue resulting in more rest for the whole family

  • Gain the confidence in knowing how much sleep your baby needs and how you can deal with any regressions to come

  • Get an evidence-based an personalised sleep assessment including advice on feeding, napping, sleep environment, and so much more

  • Gain the knowledge of how to deal with naps gone wrong

  • Empathetic 1 on 1 support

My approach

holistic sleep trainina approach for web