Grace Fraser

I’m so grateful that I had Sabrina guide me to sleep train my little boy Luke. At first, I felt a bit overwhelmed and anxious but was willing to try anything to help me get him to sleep well so the whole family could sleep. Since the first day he has slept through the entire night, every single night! Gobsmacked! Sabrina did a very thorough sleep assessment and sent through a routine to follow which I still follow. She always answered my emails promptly and gave me lots of feedback and advice. Sabrina encouraged and supported me throughout the 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, Sabrina gave me a follow-on-plan and gave me advice about altering the sleep routine when I needed too.  My husband is blown away too and we are still amazed to this day that Luke sleeps so well! Thank you again, Sabrina, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Olivia Jarrett

I have had the most amazing, positive experience working with Sabrina.

I was initially a bit hesitant to sleep train my baby, but knew the time had come as I was returning to work soon.

Prior to working with Sabrina, my baby was only fed to sleep and a bad night would see her waking every 2 hours.

Well, fast forward less than one week into sleep training and my girl has lost the feed to sleep association, my husband has been able to put her to sleep (first time ever!) and she is connecting sleep cycles during the day and at night!

Some people may think that sleep training requires a rigid schedule, but it is the exact opposite. Now, we can visit friends or stay over at my parent’s home knowing that my baby will sleep in a new environment, because she has learnt the skill to self settle!

Not only am I in awe of the fast results, but Sabrina was a dream to work with. She is extremely thorough, professional, personable and very supportive. I could not recommend Sabrina more highly - thank you Sabrina!!!

Collette Jones

From the moment she called me, I knew that she was the right person to help us. Her empathy meant that she listened, understood and wanted to help. I was in a bad space after no sleep for months and she calmed me down right away.

Sabrina worked with us and our baby's personality to meet our goal of bub sleeping through the night and day.

I was hesitant to go with a sleep consultant for some time, but I am so happy we chose Koala Dreaming. I can't recommend her highly enough.


Do you have a newborn, baby, toddler or preschooler that wakes up frequently overnight, doesn't nap during the day or fights you at bedtime? Are you exhausted and almost delirious due to sleep deprivation? I'm here to help.

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I am an internationally certified infant and child sleep consultant and have helped many families achieve better sleep. I provide evidence-based sleep assessments tailored to your child's temperament and parenting philosophy. I would love to help you create healthy sleep habits for your little one so your whole family can get more sleep.

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