Baby's Room


Best for: Families that need a little more 'hands-on' support. Includes a 2 hour home consult where I will help you settle your little one for a nap or bedtime (your choice).


You will receive 1-on-1 support during our chats, followed up with an email outlining everything discussed over the phone as I know how difficult it can be to retain information when you're sleep-deprived.


Based on the sleep logs you will be filling in (no worries, it's easy) I can suggest adjustments where needed and get your little one sleeping well in no time. 



A$450 (virtual)

2 hours

2 hours

3 hours



3 or 2 hour in-home consultation (in person or virtual) with a personalised sleep plan tailored to your baby's temperament and parenting philosophy including:

  • Sleep environment

  • Sleep cues

  • Awake windows

  • Feeding routines

  • Nap and bedtime routines

  • Handouts on sleep settling techniques, nutrition, sleep associations

2 weeks follow up support via phone


A fully certified sleep consultant with years of experience in helping little ones sleep, I am here to help you deal with the overwhelm and anxiety that comes with a baby or toddler that doesn't sleep. 

Sleep is such a fundamental need and we often don't appreciate how important it is until we are severely sleep-deprived. Being a parent doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to sleep. Also, getting sufficient sleep is so important for your little one's development.

I can help you find a solution that is a good fit for your family, whether you have multiples, older kids that need your attention, or a newborn baby. Is your baby catnapping? Do you have a toddler who fights you at bedtime and still gets out of bed at night? I can help!. I have a package suitable for any age and work with newborn babies from 3 weeks of age up to pre-schoolers 5 years of age.