5 reasons why sleep training fails

You might be starting to think about sleep training your baby or you might have tried to sleep train and decided it isn’t for you or it just didn’t work for your baby. I believe that every baby’s sleep can be modified for the better and I strongly believe that every mum deserves good rest and needs good rest to be able to show up as the best parent they can be.

While you’ve probably tried really hard to fix your baby’s sleep you might have just been missing a few key steps to make it stick so read on and find out what the 5 most common mistakes are when it comes to sleep training and how you can avoid these mistakes and set your baby up for sleep success.

You weren’t ready

Sleep training will fail if you're not emotionally and mentally prepared and ready for it! Unfortunately there is no magic cure when it comes to baby’s sleep and there is no magical sleep product that you can buy that fixes everything, sleep training does take time and commitment, which you have to be ready for.

The wrong settling method

Every baby is different and there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to sleep training your baby. You have to choose a method that suits your baby's temperament and your parenting philosophy or it won't work. You can read more about baby’s temperament and what settling method works best here.

You weren’t consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to sleep training, if you decide you're ready to stop feeding or rocking your baby to sleep only to give in after one hour, your telling your baby that they have to protest for an hour before getting what they want which will lead to even more protesting the next night

Sleep training is not a magic pill and often takes hard work and consistency for at least 1-2 weeks. Progress can be immediate but your baby is not magically going to sleep through the night on day 1 when they previously woke up every 2 hours.

You didn’t have support

Sleep training isn't easy and it's so easy to throw in the towel when things don't work out straight away. It's crucial to have a support person on board that keeps you accountable and motivates you throughout the process. It is especially important for your partner to be on the same page as you as it will be impossible to stick to your new settling method if your partner tells you to just "feed or rock the baby" to sleep.

You only worked on self-settling

A lot of things fit under the umbrella of sleep training and teaching your baby to self-settle is only one piece of the whole puzzle. Preparing your baby’s sleep environment for better sleep, watching your baby’s awake windows, giving your baby the right foods at the right time and preparing your baby for sleep all come before actually teaching your baby to self-settle. By doing all of these things first, you’re setting yourself and your baby up for success, meaning sleep training will be much quicker and easier (ie. less tears and protest from your baby).

Please know that sleep training works if you stick with it and have someone to keep you accountable.

So if you feel you’re ready for sleep training but just need someone to support you throughout this journey and help keep you accountable, you can book in for a free chat with me and find out if I’m a good fit to help you and your family sleep.

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