Is your baby’s sleep environment keeping them awake?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘sleep your baby in a light room during the day and in the dark during the night to avoid day and night confusion’. This might work well for the first 3 week after birth but from about 3 weeks of age babies begin to wake up more as the melatonin (sleep hormone) they received in the womb begins to wear off.

This is why it is best to sleep your little one in a completely dark room from 3 weeks of age to ensure great naps and overnight sleep. The darker it is the better. There are different strategies to achieve a good enough level of darkness and there is a strategy to suit every budget. These include:

  • Cardboard on the windows

  • Black garbage bags on the windows

  • Blackout Blinds

  • Blackout Curtains

  • Blackout material on the windows

The level of darkness in the room is not the only important factor to help your little one sleep well both during the day and at night. The room temperature, what baby wears, and noise are all important factors as well. Follow these tips for better sleep:

  • Ensure room is pitch black dark

  • Keep room temperature between 18-20 degrees

  • Swaddle your baby up until 16 weeks of age or until they start rolling

  • Use a sleeping bag for older babies as they can’t kick this off like a blanket

  • Use continuous low pitched white noise to help drone out other household noise

  • No toys or mobiles in the cot

Please be sure to always follow safe sleep guidelines.

Need some more help to get your little one sleeping? Get in touch today. I can assist with anything from cat napping to frequent night wakings.

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